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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): Journal of Scientific and Technological Research Industrial (January - June) 2023
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Journal of Scientific and Technological Research Industrial (January - June) 2023

The Journal of Scientific and Technological Research Industrial Professionals On Line, allows the publication of articles in all areas of Industrial Engineering and its applications; Summaries of master's and doctoral theses, technical opinions, book reviews and conference articles are also published after acceptance by the Editorial Committee.
The magazine is published biannually in Spanish, Portuguese and English in digital format, the latter presentation being free. The articles that are submitted to the arbitration of the INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING journal must be original and unpublished, and cannot be submitted for simultaneous consideration of evaluation in another academic or professional journal, nor may they have been partially or totally published in another journal. The received articles are subjected to a review of similarities, with the Turnitin software: up to two continuous lines of similarity with another document are accepted.


Jorge Rafael Diaz Dumont


Fernando Viterbo Sinche Crispín , Franklin Moises Gilvonio Yaranga, Freddy Juan Bueno Solís
02 - 10
Fundamentals of Hybrid Education for an emerging University Curriculum contextualization
PDF (Spanish)
Faustino Felipe Lanasca Laime, Jefferson Diego Gómez Cuadros, Jorge Nelson Malpartida Gutierrez
11 - 16
Applications of AMEF as an Industry 4.0 tool in industrial maintenance in international companies
PDF (Spanish)
Julio César Álvarez Reyes
17 - 20
Design of intuitive user interfaces for virtual assistants in university education
PDF (Spanish)
Vanessa Huamán Rojas, John Fredy Rojas Bujaico
21 - 27
Web System as support to the Management of Tutoring in the University Careers: Case Study: EPIS - UNH
PDF (Spanish)
Yasbel Helen Altamirano Romaní, Victoria Ysabel Bringas Rios
28 - 32
Inbound Marketing in the Business Sector, 2017-2023
PDF (Spanish)